Colonoscopy Buffalo NY

Colonoscopy is used to view the inside of your lower digestive tract (colon and rectum). It can help screen for colon cancer and can also help find the source of abdominal pain, bleeding, and changes in bowel habits. The doctor may remove a small tissue sample (a biopsy).

A colonoscope allows your doctor to view the entire length of your colon. A camera attached to a flexible tube with a viewing lens is used to take video pictures.

Getting Ready

Be sure to tell your doctor about any medications you take. Also tell yoor doctor about any health conditions you may have.
Ask your doctor about the risks of the test. These include bleeding and bowel puncture.
Your rectum and colon must be empty for the test, so be sure to follow the diet and prep instructions exactly. Otherwise the test may need to be rescheduled.

During the Test

You are given sedating (relaxing) medication through an IV line.
The procedure takes 30 minutes or longer.
The doctor performs a digital rectal exam to check for anal and rectal problems. The rectum is lubricated and the scope inserted.
You may have a feeling similar to needing to have a bowel movement. You may also feel pressure as air is pumped into the colon. It's okay to pass gas during the procedure.

After the Test

Usually you'll discuss the results with your doctor right away, unless you're having other tests.
Try to pass all the gas right after the test. Otherwise you may have bloating and cramping.
After the test you can go back to your normal eating and other activities.
When to call your doctor

Call if you have any of the following after the procedure:

Pain in your abdomen
Excessive rectal bleeding. Slight bleeding or spotting is normal.